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What is CIAO?

The Consortium Integrated Approach Overweight (CIAO) is a consorted action of five major local collaborations in The Netherlands between academic institutions, community health services, local authorities and other relevant sectors (‘academic collaborations’).


Aim of CIAO

The aim of the consortium is to provide elements of a coherent integrated multisectoral approach towards obesity prevention based on the principles of the EPODE program (Ensemble Prevenons l’Obesité Des Enfants)


Website content

This website contains information on the organisation of CIAO, the studies to be conducted, published articles and in due course an event agenda. The displayed information will be of interest for all researchers, policy makers, politicians and NGO’s who have an interest in overweight prevention in children.



The consortium collaborates with many other initiatives which operate in The Netherlands at the national level such as the recently established ‘Youth on a Health Weight’ (JOGG) of the ‘Covenant Healthy Weight’, the ‘Center for Healthy Living’ of the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), and the National Institute of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NIGZ).

The study questions for CIAO are:

  • How can intersectoral collaboration between policy sectors within municipalities result in integrated policies with an effective, easy-to-implement, well-described plan of action?
  • How can current interventions and integrated policies be reinforced by using up-to-date parenting support, and by adaptations increasing the reach in disadvantaged neighbourhoods using social marketing strategies, resulting in effective, easy-to-implement preventive interventions?
  • How can integrated policies be implemented in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, and how can process and effect indicators be routinely measured and applied in the development and implementation of effective local integrated policies promoting healthy weight in youth?


Please contact Marije van Koperen for more information on the CIAO programme.