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resize Anna Marie Hendriks

 “How does political will for an integrated approach of childhood obesity prevention emerge and how are integrated policies developed?”

In this research will be explored why policy makers (also from non-health sectors) invest in prevention of overweight in children. What motivates them to collaborate and support integrated policies to prevent childhood overweight and obesity? What is ‘intersectoral collaboration’ and ‘integrated policy’ according to them? And, do they think an integrated approach to prevent overweight is effective? The effects of integrated policies will also be explored.

Dutch children have a high risk to develop overweight. Implementation of a proper integrated policy plan with regard to prevention of childhood obesity can reduce this risk. Intersectoral collaboration is thought to be a necessary condition for integrated approach of overweight and obesity in children.


This appeared in the France example ‘EPODE’; intersectoral collaboration led to the implementation of integrated policy within municipalities which decreased overweight in children. Therefore, it is useful to know which factors lead to political willingness for intersectoral collaboration leading to integrated policy. Policy makers will be interviewed and (the effects of) policies in several municipalities in the South of Limburg will be investigated.


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